SmallRig “Black Mamba“ Half Cage / Cable Clamp for Canon EOS R5/R6/R5 C 3656


1.  Form-fitting half cage leaving the camera handgrip fully accessible.
2. Maintains full access to the camera’s controls.
3. Comes with hand-tight HDMI and USB-C cable clamp to ensure stable filming.
4. Locked by a 1/4″ screw and a locating pin at the bottom and through the shoulder strap hole on the side to prevent twisting.
5.  Multiple accessory mounts (ARRI 3/8″-16 locating hole, 1/4″-20, cold shoe, Arca-Type base. etc).
6. Integrate Arca Swiss plate on the bottom compatible with DJI RS 2 / RSC 2 / RS 3 / RS 3 Pro Gimbal and Arca-Type tripod.