TecArt LEDrive CC 6 DIN Rail DMX/RDM


LEDrive CC 6 DIN Rail is a constant current LED dimmer, utilising DMX/RDM. It features advanced 16 bit dimming technology, allowing different dimming curves to be set. The unit is flicker free and film and TV compatible. Standalone speed-adjustable fade effects can be triggered by RDM. The unit has 6 channels of output, for use with up to 1200mA LEDs.

RDM compliant device “ANSI/ESTA E1.20 Entertainment Technology – Remote Device Management over USITT DMX512”.

RDM or Remote Device Management is a protocol enhancement to DMX512 that allows bi-directional communications between light fixtures and lighting consoles or RDM specific software over a standard DMX line.

LEDrive CC 6 DIN Rail can be supplied with an external 12 – 48VDC power supply.

• DMX-512 input and output.
• External power supply 12 – 48VDC.
• Terminal strip output.
• 2 main indication LEDs.
• Operating modes:
1. Pre-programmed lighting scenes: Choose from several pre-programmed scenes via RDM.
2. Control of the channels via DMX.

• Input voltage: 10 – 48VDC.
• Power supply: External.
• Dimensions: 110mm (L) x 90mm (W) x 60mm (H).
• Mounting method: DIN Rail.
• DMX working mode: 6 channels.
• DMX signal input: Terminal strip/RJ45.
• DMX signal output: Terminal strip/RJ45.
• Outputs: 6 channels.
• Addressing: Via RDM.
• Driving capacity: Up to 1200mA per channel.
• Temperature: 0 – 40 degrees Celsius.