Area51 Roswell Pro+ Micro-B Right Angle to USB-C Tether Cable 4.5m/15ft

Area51 Tether Co.

  • USB Micro-B Right Angle to USB-C
  • 4.5m


  • Tight Right Angle design to ensure a stable tether connection
  • Uses our new hybrid-optic technology
  • Highspeed with even faster transfer speeds
  • 300lb rated crush-proof metal housing
  • IPX4 weather sealed
  • Outstanding, stable tether connection up to 62ft
  • Slimmer, stronger soldered connectors
  • Extra-long lengths to go further distances without needing to use additional cables, extensions or power points.
  • No power injection points (No need!)
  • 60-day cable failure guarantee


Compatible with but not limited to;

  • NIKON D810 
  • NIKON D850 
  • CANON MK4 *Please run the latest Canon MK4 firmware from*


We recommend running the latest camera manufacturer firmware and Capture One 22 latest build. We use M1 on 12.3 with C22.

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