SmallRig RA-R6090 Rectangular Softbox 3930


1. RA-R6090 is a Rectangular Softbox with 60*90cm.
2. Universal Bowens mount design, makes it compatible with SmallRig RC 120D/RC 120B/RC 220D/RC220B and other Bowens Mount Light of other brands.
3. In The new generation of self-developed quick-release design, the diffusion and the frame are combined into one, you can easily install and disassemble the softbox in seconds, simplify the use process, and bring you the best user experience.
4. Also includes a high-quality fabric grid to help focus your light beam angle to 45  degrees, which will allow you  to maximize control of your  lighting.
5. Using industrial-grade soft material and highly reflective coating. With two fabric diffusion to satisfy your different needs.