VSGO VS-S01E Mirrorless Micro 4/3 Sensor Cleaning Rod Swab Kit


Designed specifically for Mirrorless camera sensors
6 x Sensor Cleaning Swabs
10ml of cleaning solution

The VSGO Sensor Cleaning Rod Swab Kit is the ideal kit for your mirrorless 12mm sensor camera. Made with a microfiber tip, this swab is specifically made to be as gentle as possible with your sensor. The included non-corrosive sensor cleaning agent solution will remove grime and oils leaving no damage to your sensors protective coating.


Superfine Microfibre tip, perfectly designed for 12mm sensors
Gel-like Cleaning solution, Water Resistant at 18MΩ
Kit includes:

6 x 12mm wide sensor cleaning swab to fit Mirrorless/Micro 4/3 sensors
1 x Sensor cleaner: 10ml