Dynacore DT-4S Charger V-Lock Stand Up for 4 tiny batteries


Dynacore Tiny Battery charger DT-4S for Charging 4 Tiny batteries.
Simultaneous 4-channel charging for both channels, only for Dynacore Tiny series batteries.
Charging of Li-ion battery is done through a V-Mount plate.
Universal AC input voltage for worldwide operation.

Charge current is 16.8V/ 1.3A (1.3A per channel), the charging time for DPM-98S is around 4.5 hours and also built-in an adapter out (16.2V/4A). The charger and adapter function can work at the same time.

It can charge twice the amount of batteries, so if you travel out with them, it will immediately reduce the required space by half.

The charger also can charge the normal size Dynacore batteries, DT-4S can charge two pcs normal size batteries, and the current is 3A.