Gitzo GT5543XLS Systematic Carbon Fiber Tripod (Extra Long)


  • Load Capacity: 40kg
  • Max Height: 198cm
  • Min Height: 10cm
  • Folded Length: 72cm
  • Leg Sections: 4
  • Weight: 3.12kg
  • 6X Carbon eXact Tubes
  • G-Lock Ultra Twist Locks
  • 50mm Rubber Feet
  • Easy Link Attachment Thread


The GT5543XLS Systematic Tripod (Extra Long) from Gitzo is a high capacity carbon fiber tripod which represents the ultimate goals of the Systematic lineup””minimal weight, durability, and uncompromising stability.

Within the Series 5 line the GT5543XLS is given the “Extra Long” designation as it can extend from a minimum height of 10cm, to a maximum height of 198cm, all while maintaining an impressive weight capacity of 40kg. Incorporating Gitzo’s patented 6X carbon eXact tubing, the GT5543XLS sports maximum rigidity while keeping its weight to an absolute minimum. Weighing just 3.12kg allows the tripod it be easily carried or transported in the studio or out in the field. Its folded length of just 72cm makes storing or travelling with the tripod easy and convenient.

The Systematic line also features an array of unique, patented, and useful features which set a standard for professional quality. The key design element of the series is the use of Gitzo’s 6X Carbon eXact tubes which are extremely rigid despite their lightweight design. The carbon tubing is complimented by Gitzo’s G-Lock Ultra twist-locks which maintain stable, solid connections between leg sections and also prevent joint damage by blocking out dirt, dust, and moisture. Each leg on the tripod also features a 50mm rubber articulating foot, providing a stable and versatile base for setting the tripod on most surfaces. If required, the feet may be removed and replaced with metal spikes for increased stability in sand, dirt, mud, snow, and ice. The base of the tripod also features a 3/8″-16 Easy Link attachment thread, allowing the user to connect a variety of accessories to the tripod including magic arms, shoe adapters, LED lights, monitors, and more.

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