Lee Filters Colour Magic Original Set Pack – 10″x12″ Gel Kit


  • 12 filters 250mm x 300mm (10″x12″) each
  • Selection of vibrant colours (list below)


Lee Filters Colour Magic Original Set Pack – Create 50 colours from the 12 colours included

Sheet Size 1.22m x 0.53m (48″ x 21″)

Lee Filters provide high-quality lighting filters in a vast range of colours that are accurately consistent from batch to batch, long-lasting and dependable. Every filter is checked against a scientifically generated set of parameters.

NOTE: Colour patch / image is provided for basic reference only. We recommend using a true product colour swatch before making your colour decision.


101 Yellow – Sunlight and window effect – pleasant in acting areas.

116 Medium Blue-Green – A pleasing effect for theatrical lighting

118 Light Blue – A strong night effect

122 Fern Green – Good for a cyc & created a great mood effect

126 Mauve – Good for backlighting. Dark magenta / purple adds drama & mood

128 Bright Pink – Created for use as backlighting & side lighting. Great for musicals

129 Heavy Frost – A strong diffusion that eliminates nearly all shadows. Flame retardant

144 No Colour Blue – A clean blue with hints of green. Good for moonlight & side light

179 Chrome Orange – Combination of 1/2 CTO & double strength 104, perfect for sunlight

180 Dark Lavender – A pleasing effect for theatrical lighting & side lighting

192 Flesh Pink – Good for musical & patomime key lighting

228 Brushed Silk – Directinal soft lighting effect, used for scattering light in one direction only

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