Maha Powerex Precharged D cell 10,000 mAh 2 pack batteries


The Powerex PRECHARGED ready-to-use Low-Discharge Pre-Charged D rechargeable batteries offer the advantages of both alkaline and NiMH cells without their disadvantages. Similar to standard NiMH rechargeable batteries, the Powerex IMEDION Low Discharge batteries can be recharged up to 1000 times. But unlike older conventional NiMH batteries they keep most of their capacity over time.

Powerex PRECHARGED batteries outperform NiMH batteries with higher initial capacity.

While conventional rechargeable batteries lose 20% of their charge capacity each month, Powerex PRECHARGED lose only 2% of their charge per month. After only 1 month the Powerex PRECHARGED 10,00mAh D cell offers more usable capacity than a more expensive, conventional NiMH 11,000mAh D battery. Meaning, for instance, that your flashlights will still shine bright even after months of storage.

Lower self discharge – Approx 2% per month
High Capacity – 10,00mAh
Environmentally friendly
Fast Rechargeable Capable
No Memory Effect
Low Temperature capable
Suitable for nearly all battery applications