Manfrotto 104G Wheel 100mm Set of 3 Braked incl M10 attachment


The ultimate wheel set for studio work. This essential Wheel Set is a must-have addition to any professional’s kit, made to complement a whole variety of stands, so you can simply attach when needed. Made to Italy’s world-leading quality standards, these nifty wheels are made to glide across a variety of different surfaces too, so you’ll only ever need one set of wheels in your bag.

Sturdy as well as smooth moving, each wheel in this 3-pack are 100mm in diameter, this gives you total stability, even on the trickiest shoots. They also come complete with a top attachment with a M10 screw, enabling you to pair them up with whatever camera stand you need on the day. And they come in a stylish grey colour, so they’ll blend in nicely with almost any type of kit used.

Aside from their smooth rolling action, these wheels also have firm, and totally reliable brakes. That way, you’ll never have to worry about any slips or dangerous drifting of equipment again, even when you’re supporting heavier loads or working on glossier surfaces. These wheels can support a maximum weight of 100kg.