RODE Wireless GO II Dual Compact Wireless Microphone System


The RODE Wireless GO II gives you an ultra-compact, extremely versatile wireless microphone system with a dual-channel receiver and two transmitters. Each transmitter acts as a clip-on high-quality microphone for completely wireless operation. However, you can always use them as a belt pack with an external lavalier mic. So you’re able to get crystal-clear audio for any type of content creation!

On top of that, the Wireless GO II boasts a number of powerful features. Including universal compatibility with cameras, mobile devices, and computers. As well as an extended range of up to 200m line of sight. Not to mention, improved transmission stability, onboard recording capabilities, and so much more.


Another Powerful Update for the Wireless GO II

RØDE Central v1.3 introduces several new features that significantly improve the user experience when accessing and exporting onboard recordings. We have upgraded the software to deliver a more streamlined workflow for users, with better file management, improved recording navigation and new export options.

Batch export – multiple recording files can now be exported simultaneously.
Exporting selections – sections of recordings can now be exported individually via manual selection, rather than users having to export the entire file.
Marker indexing – user markers that have been manually dropped in a recording are now indexed in a drop-down menu, making specific sections of a recording easy to access and export.
Colour-coded markers – to make it easier to differentiate between dropout markers and user markers in a recording file, these are now colour-coded red and green.
Dropout regions – if several dropouts occur within 10 seconds of each other, these will now be displayed as a “dropout region” rather than there being multiple dropout markers clumped together. This can then be exported as an individual section.
‘Jump-to Marker’ button – a ‘Jump-to Marker’ button has been added, which makes it even easier to locate and export dropouts, dropout regions and user markers.
Naming recordings – the names of recordings can now be manually edited in RØDE Central.
Improved recording navigation – a mini-nav bar has been added to the top of each recording, which allows users to quickly jump to a region rather than having to scrub through the whole file. A zoom function has also been added to the main recording waveform. Both of these features are particularly handy for navigating through longer recordings.

Upon downloading the new RØDE Central software users will be prompted to update the firmware on their Wireless GO II to make it compatible with the new features and also to deliver some bug fixes.

Unmatched Versatility

Taking versatility to new heights, the Wireless GO II features a 3.5mm TRS output for plugging into cameras. As well as a digital audio output via USB-C for connecting to smartphones, tablets, and computers. So it’s perfectly suited to content creators, filmmakers, on-camera, or on-stage presentations. As well as vlogging, live streaming, and more.

It also features onboard recording so you’ll never have to worry about dropouts or audio issues again. While the flexible gain control lets you precisely tailor the output to your device. You’ve also got the option to record each channel separately or combine the two. So you get the ultimate flexibility in post-production.

Ultra-Compact Wireless Audio

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