SmallRig Forevala U50 USB microphone 3465


1. Bionic arm support: a. arm support design; b. easy to store; c. 360-degree adjustment. Easy-to-store bionic arm support is more secure and takes up less space; it is 360 degrees adjustable to add to the comfort of audio recording
2. Intelligent audio chip: Built-in DSP sound card, MCU and USB-driven three-in-one intelligent algorithm clip make for complete sound input, noise elimination, audio optimization, and sound playback. (chip sampling frequency: 48K, 24Bit; THD ≤ 0.3%; Maximum SPL: 125dB)
3. Low background noise (hardware for noise reduction): -68dB background noise hardware design (competing products: -50-60dB), eliminating annoying “zizi”, “rustle”, “buzzing” sound.
4. Optimize sound, digital-to-analog conversion: U50 built-in sound card optimizes sound, fixes user’s sound defects to improve sound quality; it easily convert sound to the digital mode for excellent sound restoration. Ordinary microphones cannot fix sound defects or support digital-to-analog conversion to improve sound quality.