Teradek Bolt 4K 750 12G-SDI/HDMI TX/RX Wireless Set


Up to 255m (750ft) Range. No Battery mount. Can be paired with up to 6 receivers. Next-gen RF Technology. AES-256 encryption and RSA 1024 key pairing. 8x the signal performance and 50% more range than existing systems. Configure & Monitor with Bolt 4K App. 10-Bit wireless up to DCI 4k resolution. Greatly improved communication between TX & RX. Bolt 4K is compliant with the HLG, PQ, and HDR-10. Configuration Options: Bolt 750 Bolt 750 Deluxe V-Mount.


The all new Teradek Bolt 4K defines a revolutionary new category of wireless video technology, delivering uncompressed 2160p60 HDR video transmission with zero delay.Mission Critical ReliabilityBolt 4K’s exclusive technology offers 8x the signal performance and 50% more range than existing systems, making it the most robust wireless system we’ve ever designed.Unrivalled Video QualityOur patented RF technology greatly improves image quality across all resolutions and frame-rates, giving you finer detail and better colour reproduction, even if you’re at the system’s maximum wireless range.High Dynamic RangeMonitor every shot in stunning 10-bit 2160p with 4:2:2 chroma subsampling. For cutting-edge HDR workflows, Bolt 4K supports HLG, PQ, and HDR-10 standards.Un-hackable Image TransmissionBolt 4K offers the industry’s best protection against prying eyes with AES-256 encryption and RSA 1024 key pairing. Combined, these two technologies ensure nobody can decrypt your wireless feed or connect another receiver to your system without explicit authorisation.Universal Compatibility & Expanded VersatilityAll Bolt 4K systems are compatible with one another and are multicast-capable to up to 6 receivers, even if they’re from different model ranges.Video I/OTransmitters feature dual 12G-SDI and HDMI 2.0 inputs, while receivers feature two 12G-SDI outputs and an HDMI 2.0 output.Metadata/TimecodeBolt 4K can transport extended camera metadata, timecode, and record triggers for industry standard cameras from ARRI, RED, Sony, Canon, and more.Mounting/PoweringBolt 4K transmitters offer various mounting options, including an ARRI Pin-Lock mounting point for camera arms, as well as an optional camera-back mount with Gold/V-Mount pass-through power.Bolt 4K receivers offer optional Gold and V-Mount battery plates with pass-through power.Built-In OLED on TX/RXBoth transmitter and receiver feature OLED displays. Easily access Bolt 4K settings and software features such as spectrum analyser, channel selection, 3D LUTs and more.Bolt for iOSManage every parameter of the Bolt 4K from the convenience of your smartphone. This includes:PairingSpectrum AnalyserChannel SelectionQuality/Range Analyser3D LUTs

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