Tilta Advanced I/O Module for RED V-RAPTOR


This Advanced I/O Module utilizes an integrated V-RAPTOR EXT Cable that expands communication with the camera body and offers increased functionality for Run Stop and Timecode via additional ports.
This Module can be mounted in a few different locations on the V-Raptor’s Camera Cage including the Top Handle, Top Plate, Bottom Mounting Plate or the integrated slot on the Battery Plate which can power and support the module.
When mounting the module in different locations other than the Battery Plate, the module can be powered via a 2 Pin Lemo input.
This allows this module to be incredibly versatile in terms of where and how it can be mounted to accommodate almost any camera build.
This Module includes a 3 Pin Fischer R/S port which allows users to trigger Run Stop and power a Nucleus M with a single cable via an optional 3 Pin Fischer Run Stop Cable.
The Module includes the following ports:
(1) 14.8V 2-Pin LEMO Input/Output
(1) 3 Pin Fischer R/S Port
(1) Timecode Port
(1) Red CTRL Port
(1) Genlock Port