Tilta Camera Cage for Canon C500 Mk II/C300 Mk III Kit B – V Mount


Compatible with 10” dovetail baseplate, 19mm studio baseplate, and other accessories.
Built-in 15mm LWS rod attachments in both front and back for flexible rods mounting and more expansion options.
Lightweight and compact custom design. Multiple built-in threaded holes for mounting accessories securely.
Reserved space for 1/4”-20, 3/8”-16,
ARRI standard thread holes, and cold shoe mount. Supports wireless video transmitter, on-board monitor, microphone, etc.
Multiple built-in power solutions: P-tap 14.8V output (x3), USB 5V output (x1), LEMO output (x2). Simultaneously supports various accessories such as on-board monitor, wireless video transmitter, phone, etc.
The quick release slide-in slot is compatible with both V-mount and gold mount battery plates.
Easily mounts to the back of the camera body. Reserved 1/4”-20 and 3/8”16 threaded holes for securely connecting external power.
Mounting the V-mount battery plate (mini or pocket size) for external power solutions. Reserved mounting space for installing more camera accessories.
Arm your camera with this Tilta camera cage specifically designed for the Canon C500 Mark II and C300 Mark III.
The top handle fits snugly onto the top plate and allows you to comfortably carry or operate off the top of the cage.
The Tilta Battery Plate For Canon C500 Mk II/C300 Mk III (available in either gold mount or V-mount) can be attached directly to the back of the camera body using the rear mounting plate.
The battery plate provides several different power outputs to power accessories.
The 15mm LWS baseplate allows you to attach various accessories via 15mm rods and can mount to a Tilta Standard Lightweight Dovetail Plate as well as a VCT locking plate to allow you to easily attach onto and off of an operating setup.
An additional adapter is included to allow you to attach your setup to a 19mm studio baseplate if desired.
Note: The Top Plate is not compatible with the Canon EVF-V50 Viewfinder.

Kit A: No Battery Plate
Kit B: V-Mount
Kit B: Gold Mount
Kit C: V-Mount
Kit C: Gold Mount
Dimensions: 19 x 15.5 x 13 inches
Weight: 13.8 lbs
Materials: Aluminum-alloy, stainless steel
Color: Black