SmallRig 2xRC220D+1xRC220B 3-LED Video Light Kit (EU) 4028


1. At a distance of 1 meter (3.3 ft.), the maximum illuminance of the bare light source is 10,100/ 8,670 lux. The illuminance level increases to an impressive 98,700/ 84,500 lux after attaching the hyper reflector.
2. TLCI 96+, CRI 95+, ultra-high color rendering, truly restoring the color of objects.
3. Supports manual light control and remote control with the SmallGoGo App. and 9 light effects, Paparazzi, Firework, Lightning, Fault Bulb, etc.
4. Dual power supply system, support AC adapter, and 14.4V/26V V-mount battery.
5. The noise level of the ultra-quiet fan is only 30dB±2dB at 1 meter (3.3 ft.).
6. When the temperature of the lamp body exceeds 60℃ (140°F), the active heat dissipation function is turned on.
7. Standard Bowens mount: compatible with most light-control accessories.
8. Comes with a high-quality snowflake cloth portable storage bag.